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Working with Mimesis couldn't be easier. We provide a number of solutions, suited to established studios and indies alike.


We're passionate about all aspects of game development and we'd love to help you bring your vision to life!



Got an exciting idea for a game? We can work with you to transform your vision into a comprehensive design ready to go into production.



Let us bring the world you imagine to life with a striking, cohesive visual style that will set your product apart.



Sometimes an idea just needs to be tested. Our agile engineering team can quickly transform your paper designs into something you can see and interact with.



Be it agile or waterfall, our team has extensive experience developing, managing and completing projects from start to finish and on time.



Our experienced engineering team are equally comfortable integrating into your existing development team or converting your design into a stable, robust product.



We can help you zero in on that release date and beyond. Our team can help you through quality assurance, publishing, post-release support and content updates.

About Us

Efficient, Flexible Solutions

Games captivate us like no other medium. At Mimesis we have a keen interest in exploring systems of emergent behaviour for their potential to surprise and delight. And while novel approaches inform much of what we do, foremost in our minds is always how it feels for a player to be drawn into a new world - and what they take away with them after. We strive to make memorable experiences, and get there by bringing a craftsman's eye to art, audio, narrative and technical design.



Crimson Crisis


Gem Genie, Idle Ball Islands & Fruit Juice Frenzy

Gem Genie: Gem Genie does not make your wishes come true. Instead, he puts forth a real challenge: beat the genies in a game of a tile slide puzzle.

Idle Ball Islands: Help your balls reach the end of each island with lots of upgrades and unlocks. Multiple islands to explore, bosses to overcome, and much more!

Fruit Juice Frenzy: Match 3 game with a twist! How high can you score in the time allowed! This game is still in heavy development. Please check back for frequent updates!


Panama Canal

Tile Master packs a punch of ship games fun! Not only is it a brain test for the bravest, but it’s also a puzzle challenge-solving game in which you have to swipe tiles to manage incoming ships and get them across the Panama Canal.


Survault, Frontier & Ballooza

Survault: Our platform allows you to earn money from the entire community's efforts, not just your own. No other survey platform allows you to leverage your time like this!

Frontier: Wild West inspired colony simulation game.

Ballooza: A physics puzzle ball game like no other! A game where skill matters, and only the smartest can achieve the top scores.


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